Android Phone Email Setup

Android Email Setup

How to set up an email account on your android phone

In the steps below we will use as an example email account. Make sure to use your actual domain name in place of  , your actual email address, and the actual user that corresponds to it.

1. Click on the email icon from your app list.

2. Click Menu –>Add account

Android Add Account
3. Type in your email address and password, then click Next

Android type in email address and password
4. Select IMAP account

Select IMAP
5. Fill in your username and password. Note that your username is not  (for example)  it is just “bob”, or in this case bob2 (“bob2″is the actual username we added in the siteadmin).

username and password entry
6. Fill in the IMAP server which can be set to you domain name, following the example, it would be just:

imap server name
7. Set the port to 993 and the SSL option to “SSL (Accept all certificates)”. Then click Next

imap port with ssl
8. For the Outgoing, select port 587 with Security set to none or SSL (Accept all certificates). Or port 465 with he SSL option to “SSL (Accept all certificates)

outgoing port for android

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