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Category Display Options


This section of the general settings allows you to modify your categories' look.
Shop Control Panel

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Category Links

The shopping cart software allows you to choose whether to display categories in the shop and/or the cart page of the shop.

You also have the ability to choose just to show the Main Categories or the Subcategories as well.



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Category Display Names

Separated by bars
Select to display categories separated by '|'

In Columns No. of columns 
Select and specify total number of columns in each row to display categories in columns 

In Single Column Set width 
Select and specify column width to display categories in a single column

In Single Column + Show as Dropdown list
Select to display categories in as a dropdown list and also as a single column

As Dropdown List Only
Select to display categories in as a dropdown list only


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Other Category Display Options

Display subcategory links as thumbnails
This option allows you to see you subcategory links on the main category page.  This is a nice option to have links displayed not only on the left hand side, but also on the main part of the page where it is more visible.  These links will appear after any custom html (optional) entered for the category.  You also have the option to enhance these links by create images for these subcategory links.  Navigate to:

Inventory > Manage Categories > Add Category (or Edit Category HTML) > Category Image

Display Breadcrumbs Category List
This shows the customer the category tree of a particular item allowing for easy navigation. If you click on an item, above the item title you would see "Parent Category>Subcategory".

Display Parent Category Link when in item view
Displays a link to the Parent Category on the actual item page.

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