Pre-installed CGI Scripts

    • Newsletter script preinstalled on your site.
    • Form Mail (pre-installed on server)
      Send form information to your email Address

Java Applets and JavaScript

      • Because Java applets are platform-independent, our servers are quite capable of supporting pre-compiled Java classes. JavaScript is also supported.

Do-It-Yourself CGI scripts

You can install many CGI scripts in your local cgi-bin. Keep in mind that cgi scripting is a programming tool. Problems resolving from these and other cgi scripts are not covered under technical support.

Help information location:

  1. The  script you are trying to install!
    2. If you don’t find any documentation WITH the script, check inside the script ITSELF, some scripts have the instructions written in with the coding.
    3. If you can’t find any help, contact the author of the script (most scripts have the author’s information in the header of the script)
    4. Make sure you have properly set any permissions for the file (most scripts require CHMOD 755, or read-execute permission to properly execute on the server)
    5. Make sure you have properly set all paths and parameters!
    6. Make sure (if it’s a Perl script) you transferred it as an ASCII file (Perl scripts are text files [ASCII] not binary files like some compiled CGI scripts!)

If you need help installing or writing custom cgi scripts you may wish to contact one of the following group of programmers who will get you up and running at a minimum cost. They will give you an estimate for the job you wish to have written or fixed. The scripts below are fairly easy to install and come with installation documents.



Do-It-Yourself ASP / PHP