Iphone Email Setup

Iphone Email Setup using IMAP

In the steps below we will use bob@your-store.biz as an example email account. Make sure to use your actual domain name in place of your-store.biz  , your actual email address, and the actual user that corresponds to it.

1. From the Home screen, choose Settings and from that screen select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. In the Accounts area tap “Add Account” and select Other as the account type; see screenshot below.


3. On the next screen select “Add mail account”

4. Now enter  your account information.


5. Next, enter your account host-name, username and password. One easy way to find your mail server host-name is to type in the admin url; in this example www.your-store.biz/admin which takes us to


The server hostname for email, which is in green above, is: server105.secure-access.net

The email user name is just the username and not the complete email address.


6. The outgoing mail server, username and password are exactly the same.

7. Click to Save the entered info and test the account.