Search Engine Friendly Cart

Shopping Cart is Optimized for Search Engines.

Use our Search Engine Friendly Cart to attract more customers!

  • Higher page rankings
  • More Web Traffic
  • Increase in Sales
Best SEO Cart

Typical sites have at least 50% organic traffic.  Make sure to choose a Shopping Cart that helps your items get found.



How our Shopping Cart is Fully Optimized for Search Engines:

Page Names (URLs) reflect title of page

Meta Tags & Source Code reflect item/category title

HTML passes W3 Validation.

Images are Compressed for Page Speed.

rather than: 

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Other Search Engine Features

  • Automatic sitemap creation and submission to,,, and
  • Auto-generated file for feed
  • Auto-generated file for Google Shopping Feed
  • Ability to Rename Main Shopping Cart link for internal linking of preferred keywords
  • Breadcrumbs for better internal linking
  • Individual Item pages to allow for more pages
  • Custom Template allows you to custom build your layout for maximizing internal linking. Shortcodes available for generating shop menu within templaate.
  • Customizable Title and Description Tags for Categories. Item Title and Description Tags reflect actual Item Name and Item Description

Example of a Customer who found success:

See how this actual customer shows up in Google now for “Horizons curriculum”.  This shopping cart category is showing up on the first page of results.

rank 6

We started out with Precision Web and no organic results.  With the cart and some hard work, we were able to get ranked for some of our important key-terms..

Christian Homeschool Store
Our shopping cart pages have done well in both Bing and Google rankings.

Christian Homeschool Store


How the Precision Shopping Cart Optmized for Search Engines:

Search engine friendly links for shopping cart categories and items

Category links include the category name in the actual link

Item links include the item name in the actual link

Shopping cart page source built for SEO
(The names all correspond to the name in the Cart)

  • Title tag
  •  Meta tags (description and keyword)
  •  Alt tags
  •  Item image
Watch a Video to see how the back-end is optimized for Search Engines: