Shop Upgrades

Most shopping cart upgrades are made due to customer feedback.  If there is a feature you would like to see in the shopping cart, please fill out our feed back form at

2021 Updates

WordPress Integration Improvements

Mobile Usability

2019 Updates

July – Schema Product tags added

June – Breadcrumbs schema tags added

2016 Updates

08/2016 – Square Payment Gateway Added

03/2016  – Paypal TLS security updated.

03/2016  – Google Product Search delimiters updated.

2015 Updates

09/2015  – New coupon code type, % discount on additional items. (Buy one, get half off on additionals)

08/2015  – Update  Design Aesthetics page for ease of use

07/2015  – Add shipping API to connect directly to DHL

06/2015  –  Set shop to calculate shipping directly using USPS, UPS, FedEx API

05/2015  –  Add recurring billing option for First Data / Payeezy

04/2015  –  International shipping update for Virgin Islands, US

04/2015  –  Add Pinterest as standard sharing option along with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

03/2015  –  Update search bar in mobile view

02/2015  –  Import/Export Item, and Search on Orders page Updates

01/2015  –  Update First Data Connect Gateway

2014 Updates

12/2014  –  Wordpress Plugin Updates

12/2014  –  Autoselect images update

09/2014  –  Fixed Sorting Preference Error

06/2014  –  Stripe Gateway Integration

05/2014  –  Gateway updates for Paypal and Payflow

04/2014  –  Update shop error response for Mcafee security scan compliance

04/2014  –  Update shop template shortcodes

2013 Updates

12/27/13 Amazon Api Payment Gateway
12/20/13 Image Compression
12/20/13 Google Wallet Integration for Downloadable Items
12/19/13 Option To Disable Text “To View This Item In The Shop Category Click Here”
12/18/13 File Upload Feature On Item Page
12/13/13 Mobile Version Of Secure Checkout Pages
12/13/13 Fedex And Ups Account Logins
12/11/13 User Name For Shop Owner Login
11/26/13 E4 Gateway
11/15/13 Shop Password Strength Checker
11/01/13 Video Url Optimization
11/01/13 Ability To Update Dropdowns Across Multiple Items Without Changing “Prodopt”
11/01/13 Secure Pages Template
11/01/13 Responsive Template Updates
11/01/13 Paypal Payments Advanced
10/11/13 UPS Address Verification Using Their Api
10/02/13 Dropdown Selection To Auto Display Image
08/07/13 Account Creation
07/02/13 Email Text Features
06/19/13 Recurring Billing For First Data
05/31/13 Video Upload Feature
05/30/13 .Png Files Capability
05/25/13 Secure Pages Html Features
05/23/13 Payment Option
05/15/13 .Csv Files for imports
05/15/13 Sales Tax / Locations Option For Downloadable
05/15/13 WYSIWYG Editor Image Insert Procedure
05/10/13 Ability To Have a Page Url
04/29/13 Paypal Pro Recurring Billing
04/27/13 Category Image (Auto-Generate)
04/26/13 Css Design Features
03/30/13 Sub Category Selection
03/29/13 Separate Mobile Template
03/27/13 Multiple Gift Certificates
03/06/13 Easy Link To The Item
03/05/13 Excluding Category From Display Feature
03/02/13 Additional Item Information Fields
02/22/13 Multiple Item Delete Option For Displaying More Per Page
02/20/13 Shortcode For Cart Template
02/07/13 Make State Field Required
02/05/13 Http_Referer For Customer Tracking
01/22/13 Another Promo Code Option For Free Shipping
01/22/13 Css Update
01/09/13 Cart7 Plugin for WordPress

2012 Updates

12/18/12 Category Thumbnail Images
12/18/12 Seo & Shop Image Optimization
12/13/12 Subscribe To Newsletter Default
12/12/12 Item Videos
12/10/12 Title Tag Shortcode
12/07/12 Preview Thumbnail Options For Item Images
11/23/12 Custom Item Listing Style — For Item Display Page **Web Designer Feature**
11/13/12 Auto-Generation For The Affiliate Code
10/17/12 Hover Design Feature
10/04/12 Alternative Shipping Options On Cart.Php Page
09/29/12 Items Added To Cart When A Customer Is Logged In
09/13/12 Order History Link
09/11/12 Left-Hand Menu In Custom Templates (That Use ##Category Links##)
08/31/12 Edit Button For Newsletter Subscribers
08/21/12 Add to Cart Updates
08/16/12 Custom Field To Insert Add To Cart Code
08/16/12 Date Shipped Field On Orders Export
07/10/12 CSS Class For Calculate Shipping Button
06/06/12 Inventory Based Display For Dropdowns
06/01/12 Save Smtp Values Button
06/01/12 Create Thumbnail Multiple Items Update
05/26/12 Alphabetize All Categories Option
05/16/12 Option To Make Promo Codes Case Insensitive
05/16/12 Promo Code Add Area
05/15/12 Category Sort Option
05/15/12 Option To Display Sort Feature In Certain Categories
05/15/12 Option To Save Newsletter Texts And Restore
05/14/12 Shipping Details Update
05/11/12 Thumbnails For Suggested Items
05/11/12 Newsletter Signup Options
05/11/12 Quote To Limit By Dropdown Name –> Dropdown Selection
05/11/12 Option To Set Url From Referrer For “Back To Shopping” History
05/09/12 Stock Quantity Display For Items With Dropdown Inventory Control
05/08/12 Items Per Page On Inventory Page And Inventory Counts Page
04/25/12 Sku / Part No. On Checkout Page
04/24/12 Order Confirmation Emails Button
04/05/12 Export to Help with Uploading Products to Amazon
03/08/12 Shop/Owner Newsletter Page Update
03/07/12 Export Data To Phplist
02/24/12 Newsletter Send By Cron Option

Past Updates

11-11-11 Option to set category links to not display

08-01-11 Option to display images with mini thumbnails, where larger image shows directly on page without the need for a popup

07-01-11 Option to display items in 3 columns. This puts the add to cart button higher on the page “above the fold” which increases conversions.

06-01-11 Item title can be set as a hyperlink now. This is recommended for SEO to help increase links to the item pages.

05-01-11 Facebook “Like” button option.

04-01-11 Add to cart can be set to appear in popup so the customer stays on the existing page.

03-01-11 Drop-downs can now also have a SKU number applied to them.

02-01-11 Category sort feature. The shops can now also be set to show sort links, where the shopper can sort by price, relevance, or alphabetically by title.

01-01-11 Option to export to “The Find” search engine.

01-10-11 Coupon codes an now also, add a free item at the checkout.

10-25-10 Newsletter subscription redirect option. After subscribing they can be redirected to a different page for a reward like a coupon code or download.

10-22-10 Ability to charge per character on custom fields (E.g. for engraving costs)

09-25-10 Categories can now also be assigned new parent categories

09-20-10 Breadcrumbs Navigation can optionally be enabled for the item page.

06-15-10 Category links can now also appear as thumbnails under.(Enabled from General Settings Page)

05-24-10 Suggested items can now also appear on the item details page.

05-24-10 Option to create alphabetic sitemap + sitemap include code for .shtml pages

05-19-10 USA Epay Gateway

05-11-10 Option to have promo code automatically applied to all applicable items.

02-26-10 Option to Update Item Url List (for easy sitemap.xml inclusion) when updating item.

02-23-10 Search Engine Friendly Item and Category Url Implementation

01-18-10 Australian and UK + New Zealand gateways added.

01-15-10 Shop displays description and keywords meta tags on links to items.

12-10-09 Additional Custom Header fields for checkout pages.

11-23-09 Custom Header / Footer Import Automation

11-20-09 Single Item to Appear in Multiple Categories

11-15-09 BluePaySubscription Items (Automated recurring Billing)

04-02-09 Ability to create items where the price can be filled in by the shopper. E.g. for ebay invoices

03-17-09 Customizable field labels option for the billing information page.

02-17-09 Option to customize text on checkout page for returns policy url.

02-16-09 Export Orders fields can now be selected / deselected.

02-10-09 Orders page: ability to print multiple invoices at once using the PDF Invoice Generation feature.

01-11-09 Orders page: ability to create templates for printing packing list, invoice, and label from orders

09-21-08 Item link to automatically display item description as description meta tag.

09-21-08 Category link to automatically send category name to description meta tag.

08-17-08 Multiple images per item option.

08-11-08 Custom header and footer options for checkout pages.

08-01-08 Category link HTML customization.

04-21-08 Ability to use Google checkout as a 3rd payment option.

04-21-08 Custom footer and header field for billing information page.

04-12-08 Integration

02-15-08 General Settings page changes to allow more control over shop aesthetics.

02-04-08 Split off Promo code and Inventory Control to separate pages.

11-15-07 View Orders page customizable shipping label and packing list templates

11-08-07 Suggested Items Option

10-12-07 Google Checkout

09-08-06 Additional Promo Code Features

09-08-06 Sitemap item static page generation

08-30-06 Manage Shopper Logins option to allow shopper password management

08-30-06 General Settings Checkout options changed to separate page and non-applicable options hidden

08-15-06 Discount Ranges changed to allow a range of one

08-05-06 Additional item deletion options allowing for mass deleting of items by SKU or Item Id

07-14-06 Ability to create separate owner logins to compartmentalize access

07-12-06 QuickBooks Field Name Customization

07-08-06 Additional data validity checks implemented for security

06-10-06 Google Product Search Feed format updated

05-07-06 Additional Promo Code Options

06-20-06 Option to export Item URL List (for use with Google sitemaps

04-21-06 SkipJack Gateway Integration

03-19-06 Option to display inventory as thumbnails from /shop page.

09-29-05 PayPal Pro Integration

09-25-05 Option to set the top margin for the View Pending Orders printable version page.

06-17-05 Export to Froogle format. ( )

6-15-05 “Multiply” Option for Drop-down lists.

04-07-05 Shop’s Newsletter can now be subscribed to from any page on the site. Newsletter HTML can be displayed from the same page used for sending.

04-05-05 Links to specific items now change the title tag on the page to display the item name in the title. In combination with the shop map, This change it should make for greater search engine visibility for your items.

04-03-05 .shtml category include functionality fixed to show items in correct display order.

03-05-05 shop item map feature fine tuned to link to categories and items. This function creates a regular HTML page that is easy for search engines to spider.

02-11-05 Linking to the final shop/owner page with ?lmt append to the url will limit login access to the orders and newsletter areas.

01-11-05 Shop updated for PHP 5 MySQL 4 compatibility.

01-02-05 Shop control panel updated with drop-down menus for easier navigation.

11-17-04 Gift registry feature added feature added. Have your shoppers create registries and advertise your site for you.

11-21-03 E-book / Downloadable item functionality added. After purchasing a downloadable item the shopper will receive a link and password to download the item they’ve purchased. Downloads are limited to a specific number of days after the purchase.  Click Here to learn more!

10-15-03 Fed Ex and UPS International API options are available!  You may now offer International shipping options from Federal Express and UPS using the Advance Program Interface.

10-14-03 Display thumbnails from a shop category on your own informational pages.  You can now have the shop generate a special shtml tag to display complete categories of thumbnails on one page.  Click here to learn more!

10-07-03 Customer’s name is displayed in shop if he or she is a returning customer.  This works for your customers who have cookies enabled.

09-30-03 Precision Web adds the payment gateway.

Precision Web has added an additional payment gateway, the gateway.  This is a great option for Canadian customers.

9-30-03 Delete multiple orders from View Pending Orders at one time.

You may now switch 15 orders to Paid “Y” and Shipped “Y” by clicking the Paid hyperlink and Shipped hyperlink at the top of the page.  Then, check all and delete all checked.

09-01-03  Add Multiple Items to cart from a single page.

In the shop/owner’s panel, on the Setup Inventory page, there is a new button at the bottom of the page, Multiple Product HTML.  This button will take you to a page where you can select what items from your inventory you would like displayed on the page.  Once you have select the appropriate items, you should see a list of those items on the right side of the screen and a button “Prepare HTML”.  Click the “Prepare HTML” button and a complete html code for a page will be displayed in the HTML box at the bottom of the page.  Copy the complete code and paste it into your design software’s html view.  This feature will allow your customers to select a large quantity of different items and add them to their carts at on time rather than click add to cart for one item and being shown their carts then having to go back to continue shopping.

09-01-03 (AIM) Transaction Key Upgrade

For those customers using the Gateway, the newest security features required by and Visa and Master Card are available on your site.  You need to log into your account and go to the settings menu.  You will find a link there to Obtain a Transaction Key (3rd section of settings page).  You should immediately do this.  Also, turn off the password required option in the settings (top section of settings page).  Once you have the key, log into your shop owner’s panel and go to checkout type.  Choose the (AIM) method; enter your user id in the first field and your Transaction Key in the second.  This will ensure both you and your clients have the highest security on the internet.