WordPress Advantages

Over 75 million web sites are powered by WordPress, that number includes more than 40% of the web’s top 100 websites.

Why do we recommend that you install WordPress on your site?

  1. It’s Easy.
  2. You can edit your website from any computer, and you don’t need to wait for your designer to make updates. With WordPress, you have control of nearly every aspect of your site and you can make those simple updates yourself.
  3. There is probably a plugin that does what you want (over 29000 plugins available).
  4. You can probably find a theme that has a the look you want. There are over 2700 free themes; and, there are paid themes from sites like ThemeGrill.comThemeForest.com  and TemplateMonster.com  When looking at themes, we suggest you sort by popularity; the most popular themes are probably the best made themes.  Or there are freelancers (www.upwork.com) that will create a PSD file based theme for you for a totally custom look. One freelancer that we recommend for redoing your site to be mobile friendly is August InfoTech. And for redoing your logo, we recommend www.logonerds.com
  5. SEO friendly. WordPress is almost automatically SEO friendly. But, for even more control, our preinstalled SEO plugins like YOAST or “ALL in one SEO” will do all you need.
  6. With our Cart 7 WordPress plugin you can set any page on your site to display an item, or any category of items. So, when you update the items from your shop control panel, they are automatically updated on your site. No need to copy and paste HTML.
  7. Mobile Friendly: With more searches coming from mobile devices every month, this is extremely important. Google only includes your site in search results sites that display well on mobile devices. Pages / themes that resize for phones, tablets, etc. are called “responsive”.
  8. Built-in Blogging: WordPress was created for blogging so blogging capabilities are built-in. Keep your visitors coming back for fresh content.
  9. WordPress sites can handle hundreds of thousands of visitors and thousands of pages without slowing down. All you need to do is enable a caching plugin like “All In One Super Cache”. Doing this also improves your score on Google’s Page speed test site.
  10. Own Your Data: If you’ve ever used a shopping cart or other service that disappeared, you know how difficult it can be to start from scratch. Using WordPress means you own your content and and easily back it up, and migrate it to any platform you choose.