Accept Credit Cards on your Ecommerce site

Accept Credit Card Payments

To process credit cards with the Precision Shopping Cart in real time, you’ll need to sign up with a Credit Card Merchant. The merchants listed below are Precision’s compatible partners.By signing up with one of these providers, you then have the ability charge or authorize transactions when the customer submits their order.  The credit card merchant is linked to the cart to process and verify your credit card receipts, and then your merchant will deposit them automatically into your bank account

Featured Merchants

Fully compatible with Cart

Take Credit Cards

Get started quickly and affordably with Recurring billing Option

Fully compatible with Cart

Take Credit Cards

Always competitive rates with BluePay Processing. Recurring billing Option

Other Credit Card Merchants

All Fully compatible with Cart

Take Credit Cards

Over 20 Compatible Credit Card Merchants to Choose from!  


Processing Cards Live

PayPal & Google Checkout

If you are trying to avoid monthly fees with a merchant, start off using PayPal & Google Checkout until your business grows. Paypal Pro is also available which as a real-time processor.

Credit Card Merchant Complete Real-Time List:

Processing Cards Manually through any Merchant

Use the Shopping Cart to get Credit Card
Information Securely.  Use any Merchant Provider you would like with the
Secure Checkout Method!

Reasons for using this method:

  • Save Money
    • If you have a local store and you have a terminal already, you can get the credit card information from the secure cart and process the card by hand.
  • Use your preferred merchant
    • If you have a preferred merchant that is not compatible for real-time processing, you can still use that merchant!  You’ll need to process the cards individually by hand, but some of our clients prefer to do it that way so they can process the order upon shipment.


As a low cost alternative, our shopping cart can also be set up to take the order and then prompt the shopper to submit their payment using Paypal.