Ecommerce Clients

Cross Section of Precision’s Shopping Cart System

Shopping Cart Category pages

Coconut Greetings — Displaying Full item description
BK Sports — Displaying Full item description
Rupps Drums — Displaying Subcategories & Items
Mass Music — Displaying Thumbnail of an Item
Hobbysnstuff — Displaying Thumbanil View

Shopping Cart Item pages
Switched-on Schoolhouse — Keeps “Add to Cart” button above the fold.
Heavenly Gift Basket — Shows drop down options and custom text option
Piranha Dive — Uses large images via pop up
Wei Online —  Drop down menu example

Sites that added the Shopping Cart to their existing site
Weeks Honey Farm  — example of added shop page
** Notice how the shop pages have the same look as the homepage

Sites that inserted Shopping Cart HTML on their website
Morehouse Farm
Proline Racks

Design methods

Sites Designed with WordPress (Click here to learn more about getting your site designed by an Expert)
WEI Online
Avocado Dreamin
Herbs Teas
Nicd Lady

Sites Designed with New Cart Templates
United For Life
A House of Flags

Custom Designed Sites
Heeling Touch
Apologia Curriculum
Horizons Curriculum
San Diego CASp / ADA Compliance Consulting
AR15 Rifles