Web Design Services

Whether you want a new look for your old site or you don’t have the time to learn to build your site yourself, we provide a great design service for your eCommerce company.

We use the powerful WordPress platform as a method of designing sites, and we can create a high performing eCommerce sites at a reasonable cost

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We use the WordPress system to build the site, and to get a design we use one of 2 methods:
1. You could have a custom template built.
2. You could pick an existing template that we would tailor it to your site.
Benefits of WordPress
– Easier to update
– You don’t have to buy special software.
– Add a Blog with the same look
– Thousands of plug-ins at your disposal which make it easy to enhance your site.
What’s included:
– 301 redirects of Page names that are not the same
– All the content would be displayed in the template.
– SEO friendly title / description tags
– New/reworked Logo (if desired)
– Shop Integration if you add Items to the cart
– Sitemap Submission
– Have products show up www.google.com/shopping
– Optimization of keywords (including h1 tags, title tags, etc.)
– If you have a Site already:
— We take all of your Old Page Content and move it to the WordPress system with same / similar page names. This way you don’t lose page rank for those pages.
— Up to 10 pages included in Standard Quote.
– New Sites
— Provide your items and images in a spreadsheet file or add them to the shopping cart admin system.
— We create the look of the site and insert up to 10 pages of content.
Ask for Quotes on Custom Work:
– Custom Image work
– Custom changes to the template (outside of the necessary tailoring of the site).