Outlook Express Email Setup Help

1) Select "Accounts" from the "Tools" menu.


2) Click on "Add:" then "Mail."

3) Insert the name that you wish the recipients of your emails to see.

4) Enter the email address that you want people to see (must either be the userid created in the siteadmin or a valid alias).

5) Indicate that your incoming mail server is a "POP3" server and its name is simply your domain name (for example: precisionwebhosting.com). Also indicate your
outgoing server (SMTP) to be your domain name or simply ISPs SMTP server. For example:
AT&T (Broadband) – mail.attbi.com
AT&T (Dialup) – smtp1.attglobal.net
AT&T Worldnet – mailhost.worldnet.att.net or imailhost.worldnet.att.net
CableVision – smtp.optonline.net
Optimum Online – mail.optonline.net
Cox smtp.east.cox.net or smtp.central.cox.net or smtp.west.cox.net
Comcast – smtp.comcast.net
BellSouth – mail.bellsouth.net
Earthlink – smtp.earthlink.net
SafePages – smtp.safepages.com
SurfBest – smtp.surfbest.net
Mediaone – smtp.se.mediaone.net*
*Note: Replace “se” with your Service Area (e.g. “ne” for New England)
Mindspring – smtp.mindspring.com
MSN – smtp.email.msn.com
NetZero – smtp.netzero.net
Prodigy – smtp.prodigy.net
RoadRunner – smtp-server.se.rr.com*
*Note: Replace “se” with your Service Area (e.g. “cinci” for Cincinnati)
Or check their help info at: http://www.rr.com/rdrun/
For San Diego area it wwobulde: smtp-server.san.rr.com.
SBC – smtp.sbcglobal.net
Southwestern Bell – mail.swbell.net

6) Enter the userid your created in the siteadmin panel, without specifying the your domain name.  Then enter the password you created for the userid in the siteadmin.  Make sure ‘Remember password’ is selected and none of the other boxes are selected.

7) That`s it! Click on the "Finish Button" and proceed to the next step.