Streaming Mp3 WMA


How to stream MP3 files from your site.

  The servers have built-in HTTP streaming capability for multimedia files.
Different types of media require different link syntax on your site..

Many media types like MP3,  Windows Media, and Real Audio and Video need a separate file, called a metafile, in order to tell the server "send this as streaming media, don’t just start a download." The Media file is the file you want to stream, the metafile is just a simple text file.

M3U Metafile

The steps are:
1. Usingg WordPad, NotePad, or any text editor, create a text file (called a metafile) ending in .m3u (not .txt)
2. In that .m3u metafile paste the url (the http:// web address) of the actual mp3 that you have uploaded.
3. On your web page put a link to the .m3u file (not the mp3 file). If you link directly to the mp3 then it will download completely before playing.
For example on our demo page at:
The link is to:
The only thing that the m3u file contains is the url of the mp3 file:
For multi-song play lists, just put one link address on each line of the M3U file.

Windows Media Metafiles (ASX, WAX, WVX) :

Name of metafile to create: example.wax

Content of example.wax metafile:
<ASX version = "3.0">
<ref HREF="">

The link in your  HTML page would be: <A HREF="example.wax">Streaming Sample</a>