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This section allows you to add categories for your shopping cart page.

Manage > Categories > Add Category
Inventory > Manage
Categories > Add Category


Categories are a good way to organize your items to make it
easier for you customers to find. This page allows you to add categories. You
are also able to create categories through the Import function found at Import >
Import Item Data.

To get started, select the main shop as a parent
category, and then create a category under ‘Enter Category Name’. This will
allow you to create a subcategory of the Main Shop parent category. You will
then be able to create further subcategories of each category that you create.
For example: You create a Shirts category. After creating that category, you
will then be able to create subcategories t-shirts and dress shirts, etc.

Enter Category Name

Subcategory of the parent category list above.

Enter Category HTML
Allows you to input custom HTML that appears before the items in a
particular category.

Enter Category Title Tag
Normally is automatically generated to match the name of the category. If
you input anything in this field, it will overwrite that automatically generated
title tag.

Category Image
This field only applies if you have ‘Display
subcategory links as thumbnails’ set to yes. This option is found in the
Category Display Options under Manage > General Settings

Image File Location: 
To load an image that is on your hard drive, click ‘Browse’, find the
file, and click open. When you click ‘Add Image’ below, you will upload the

Create Thumbnail with Pixel width
You are able to create a thumbnail of the image which is typically a
smaller version of the image.

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