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Manage > Categories > Edit Category HTML/TITLE > Proceed to Edit Category for
Selected Category
Inventory > Manage Categories >Edit Category
HTML/TITLE > Proceed to Edit Category for Selected Category

Category HTML / Title

This section allows you to edit
the HTML for categories.  This gives you the ability to give a custom look to
each category page in the shopping cart.  This is a good way to go if you are
using the /shop pages and categories as a way for your customers to browse
(instead of using your own web pages as browsing pages.)  You can add HTML from
web design software, or you can use the editor provided.

Category html

Category HTML is the HTML that is shown above the items in a particular

You can enter the HTML in the

WYSIWYG editor, or you can enter your own custom HTML. 

For example, if I entered in "Our shirts our made of the highest quality
cotton…. etc.", it would like something like the second picture in the shop.

The category image is the image that is used for category
thumbnails.  What are category thumbnails?  These are images that are used by
shoppers to click on to get to the category.  You can see an example of this in
Shop Demo

To enable Category Thumbnails navigate to Manange > General Settings >
Category Display options >
Display subcategory links as thumbnails

This should be set to "Yes".

Engine Optimization
As you can see from this video, the title,
description, and keyword tags are automaticallly generated to help with search

If you would like to edit
these automatically generated titles for the category pages, you can do so here.

Enter Category title:
Modifies the auto generated title tag.

Enter Category description:
Modifies the auto generated description tag.

Enter Category Keywords:

Modifies the auto generated keywords tag.

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