Category Items Listing

‘Category Items Listing Integration’ allows you to put items from your shopping
cart into your actual website pages. As opposed to the ‘Category Thumbnail HTML’
page which generates code for the thumbnails, this page allows you to integrate
the complete item information by category. 

Integration > Category Items Listing Integration

the following steps, you will be able to generate the code which can be used in
your website programming code. 

1. Select the category you would like to include.
2. Select the options you would like to display. The options selected will
change what the code displays.

Generate the code by selecting "Show Category Listing Code".

"HTML Code for .html pages" generates standard HTML code which would need to be
updated if your items change. It does allow for additional customization of the
look of the items.

Selecting "Include Code of .shtml pages" generates
SHTML code which is generated dynamically by taking the current information from
the shopping cart items. The advantage to using SHTML code is that it
automatically updates your items and categories on your webpage as you update
those items/categories in your shopping cart. This saves you time in having to
update information in 2 different places.

4. The code is now ready to be
integrated into your site (copy & paste).
In the provided image the SHTML
code is listed first , and the HTML code is listed second.

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