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There are 2 ways to export you orders to

Method 1 — "Go to"

The first way uses the "Configure" page. Enter your printer name:
For example: HP LaserJet 2100 PCL6
In case of Network printer, enter path like \\server_name\HP LaserJet 2100 PCL6

Enter the default dimensions in inches, and click save.

This method requires that you disable protected mode in Internet Explorer. Once you have turned off protected mode, you then are able to use the "Go to" function. The "Go to" function is found in on the individual order page. To view an an individual order, click on ‘View’ to the right of the order you would like to view. On this page, you would click "Go to" and a window should appear that says "Accept". You then will be able to import that order into 

Method 2 — "Export Order to Excel"
View the following video to see how to import multiple orders at once:

This method is preferred for a few reasons.
1. You do not have to disable protected mode,
2. You can use any browser,
3. You can import multiple orders (rather than a one order at a time).

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