Gift Certificate Management

This section allows you to customize coupon codes and promotions for your shop.  This is seperate from Discount Options page.Navigation:
Manage > Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
The first step to using the gift certificate function is to add a gift certificate in the Inventory Control Panel (Inventory > Inventory Main > Add Gift Certificate). Next a customer would need to purchase this item gift certificate. After this has occured, you will be able to see gift certficates listed on this screen.

Order ID
The Order # that was used to purchase the certificate.

This is the original dollar amount of the gift certificate.

The amount a customer has left with the gift certificate.

Activating the discount code enables this code to be used on the checkout page by a customer, while setting it to no disables the code from being used.


�Green� Certificate order has been paid.
�Red� Payment pending for this order.


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