Shopping Cart Manual

Introduction: You will be setting up the shopping cart from the shop control panel at (where ‘’ is replaced with your actual domain name. The Shop Owner’s control panel is a simple, web-based interface where you can add items and configure your shop).

Please click on the buttons below to learn more about each section of the shopping cart control panel.

(Click here for more info.)

Login Page: When you go to the shop control panel,  you will come to a Login Page that looks like the image to the right.

You will need to enter the password in the box marked ‘Password’. Your password will be listed in your ‘Web Site Settings Email’ sent to you when you created your account.

Main Page: Once you have logged into your shop’s control panel, you will see a number of buttons.Each of the different sections serves different purposes; to read about each specific section, Click on the links Below.


General Settings



This is where you should start building your shop. In this section, you can dictate the complete look and feel of your shop; you can set your shipping options; you can set your inventory control and much more. Click here to learn more!


Setup Inventory



This is where you should start setting adding items to your shop and adding categories.  Click here to learn more!
This is where you set up categories for your shop items. Click here to learn more!





This is where you can look at several options for integrating the shop with your website.  This section is typically used by webmasters who have knowledge of HTML.  Click here to learn more!


Import / Export



This function is used to import or export a Tab Delimited File containing your Inventory or to Export or Import a Database Dump. Click here to learn how to use this feature.
Click here to learn how to change the forms of payment you accept.
Click here to learn how to edit your Checkout Type.


Edit Locations



Click here to set up taxes and places you will accept orders from.


View Orders



To learn how to use the myriad features of this section -> Click Here
Keep in touch with your registered customers by sending out period newletters. Click here to learn how!


Gift Management



If you offer gift certificates in the shopping cart, click here to learn how to manage them.
USE this GREAT advertising FEATURE! Click here to learn more!Why an Affiliate program?




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