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Customer Newsletter

The Contents tab is
where you are able to create and send the Newsletter. 

Promotion > Customer Newsletter > Contents Tab

The easiest way to create your newsletter is to copy & paste from your
website or word editor to Newsletter Contents field below. You also can create
the newsletter from scratch below, but we recommend copying & pasting from your

The Newsletter Contents pane allows you to create your newsletter using a
word editor. Some of its functions include modification of text, insertion of
tables, and insertion of images. The steps to insert an image into your
newsletter are:
In your browser, browse to a page on your website that shows the image you want.
1.  Right click on the Image and select "Properties".
2.  Select the image
url text from the popup by selecting it with your mouse. Then copy that selected
url with <Control> C.
3.  On the newsletter page click the image insert icon.
4.  Click in the image url field, then paste the copied URL using <Control> V.
5.  Click the insert button on the popup.

From Name
The person or company the newsletter is
from. Customers will often see this next to the subject line of their email.

From Email

Customers will see this as the email address the newsletter
is from.


The subject of the newsletter. Customers will see this as the
subject line in the email they receive.

Send Newsletter
This sends the newsletter to the
customers selected under the "Lists" tab.

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