Shopping Cart Newsletter Overview

Customer Newsletter Overview

The Contents tab is where
you are able to create and send the Newsletter. 

Promotion > Customer Newsletter

Newsletter page allows you to create/send a newsletter to your current
customers. The shopping cart’s billing page has an option for customers to opt
in as subscribers to the newsletter, and you are able to view the complete list
of subscribers under the "View Subscribers Tab". To select the recipients of the
Newsletter click on the "Lists" tab. To create and send the Newsletter, click on
the "Contents" tab. 

To send a message, the steps are:
1. Click the Lists tab, and select
"Send to shop administrator" and de-select "Send to complete list". This will
allow you to send a test message to just yourself, before sending it to the
complete list.
2. Under the "Contents" tab (this page) you need something in
the subject line and also in the "Newsletter Contents" field. Make sure the
"From Name" and "From Email" appear as you desire.
3. Copy your content from a web page, and paste it in to the "Newsletter
Contents" field (This is the easiest way). Or create your content directly in
the "Newsletter Contents" field.
4. Send the newsletter to yourself to test
5. If all looks good, then under the Lists tab select "Send to complete
list", then back on this page, click the "Send Newsletter" button.

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