Edit Pament Help Information

Edit Pament Help Information
This section alllows you to customize the payment methods you accept in the shopping cart.

Manage > Checkout Out Type / Payment Options > Payment Methods

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Choose a payment option from the suppoted credit card types
Payment Type:
You may wish to add common payment types.  Choose any from the list and click on the ‘Add Payment Type’

Payment Mode:
Choose if you will accept payment types online, offline, or both.  
Offline Payment
Accepting payments offline means your customer will NOT enter any payment information online; you will need to wait for your cutomer to mail/fax payment information.
Online Payment
Online payment means your customer will enter payment inforrmation online.  If you are using a real-time credit card gateway the card will be processed in real-time.

Add a custom payment type
You may add payment types not in the default list by using this field.  Type the custom field, choose the payment mode, and click ‘Add Payment’.  
In this field you are able to create a custom payment option called "Account".  This allows you to charge customers by an account.  To do so, add a "Net 30" or a payment option containing  "Account"  (not case sensitive) and it will disable credit card validation checks.

Payment types currently enabled for this shop are below
Here you are able to view/edit the current payment types for the shop.  You may change the name of a payment you accept by click in the box, typing your change and clicking on the ‘Update’ button.

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