Checkout Types

This section alllows you to customize the type of checkout you would like to use in your shopping cart.

Manage > Checkout Out Type / Payment Options

Checkout Format
For a shop using the "No account setup on checkout"  format, on a re-order at a later date by a customer who had previously ordered, the shopper would need to re-enter in their address information.

Checkout Type
The Checkout Type field is very important as it determines the credit card merchant that you will be using.   Once you have a credit card merchant that you have signed up with, select your merchant from the drop down menu, and then fill out the required fields.

Which gateways will work with the Precision Web Shopping Cart System?

  1. Optimum Payments – Blue Pay Payment Gateway Easy Payment Gateway Integration
  2. gateway with Merchant Account by
  3. Elavon using Virtual Merchant or Elavon using the gateway. (Available from CostCo.)
  4. Google Checkout
  5. ECHO Online 
  6. SkipJack
  7. CardService International [Using their Linkpoint HTML/Basic interface only]
  8.  "Junior Select" for Stores Based Outside the U.S.
  9. Paypal‘s Payflow Link Payment Gateway (Previously Verisign Payflow Link)
  10. CentralBancard using the E-xact gateway.
  11. ChronoPay gateway for companies based in Europe
  12. Paypal Payments Pro
  13. Paypal Payments Standard (IPN) 
  14. Transact-Secure
  15. IonGate
  16. Fast Transact
  17. NMI Gateway Services
  18. Innovative Merchant Services / Intuit 
  19. Checkcare Payment
  20. Net1 / Verus
  21. EWay Australian Gateway, EWay New Zealand GatewayEWay UK Gateway

Detailed help information on several of the merchant can be found at:

Third Party Checkout

If Paypal is not your main gateway, you can use PayPal as a "Third Payment Option"
If Google is not your main gateway, you can use Google Checkout as a "Third Payment Option"

If you select ‘Yes’ for either of these options, you will need your Merchant ID and Merchant Key

Miscellaneous Options:
– allow the shipping address to be different then the billing addres
– the minimum checkout amount (default is $1)
– the web page for the Returns policy page
– the text for acknowledging the Returns policy
– whether to email the shop adminstrator or not when an offline order is displayed
Checkout Questions: 
This is a good way to gain customer feedback.  Click the checkbox to require a question to be answered at checkout page.
Cookie Time Out
Cookie based login expires after these many days.

Checkout in Top Frame
Opens the checkout page in top frame

Display Option for User to Enter the Credit Card Security Number in the Checkout Page
Selects the option to turn on / turn off the ccv2 requirement in the checkout process if supported by the payment gateway.

Require ccv2 (3 or 4 digits code) to be input on the checkout page. Option above must also be selected
Toggles javascript validation of ccv2 field in the checkout page if displayed.

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