Downloadable Items

Add Downloadable Item

On the Add Downloadable Item page
you can create downloadable items for sale. Some example file types are: MP3
files, e-books, PDF files, images, zip files, and more. 

When a customer
buys the downloadable item file, they are given a link to the php download
script along with a password. From there they can download the file for a
limited time. The customer will not know the file’s actual location on your

Inventory > Inventory Main > Add Downloadable Items


Downloadable Item Title

Create the item title.


Enter the description of your product this field. The plain text / HTML option
will allow you to enter plain text or HTML code. The WYSIWYG editor give you the
option to edit the text in HTML format.


The price for your downloadable item.

Display Product in Cart

If set to ‘No’, this item is 
– Not searchable
– Not
in the item’s category
– Available if people have the link
– Available if the link shows up in search engine
– Available if the item
html shows up elsewhere on the site

If option is set to ‘Yes, this item is available throughout the shopping
cart software.

Category Selection

Select the category(ies) you would like to associate with your item.  Categories
are helpful for the customer to locate your items. 

Google Product Search Values

For help on Google product search:

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