Inventory Count

Inventory Count Control
The Inventory Stock Control allows you to monitor inventory
counts and notify customers: 

Inventory > Inventory Main > Inventory Count Control

Control Modes

When your inventory stock gets low
or runs out, the shopping cart has several different options
to edit what the customer sees.  This is a good to notify
customers of inventory availability.  

Has no stock control monitoring at all. The shopping cart will
still keep track of the amount of stock for each item, but the
customer will not see a difference regardless of the amount of
inventory in stock.


The customers won’t know anything about stock, but the
administrator of the shop will still be emailed when stock is

This option shows customer when they are ordering more than is
in stock and display a custom message, This option does ALLOW
them to order, and the administrator also receives an email.


This option shows customer when they are ordering more than is
in stock , and then the shopping cart gives a custom message.
It DOES NOT PERMIT THEM TO BUY the out-of-stock product. The
administrator does receive an email. 

Restricted Hidden 

This option does not show out of stock items to customers, and
the administrator does receive an email.

of Stock Message

This message is the custom
message that customers will see depending on the inventory
control option selected.

Set Limit (in Units
This is the limit for the shopping administrator to receive an

Show Inventory
Counts to Shoppers

This allows you to show
customers the inventory count. One nice feature is to show the
customer only when it is below a certain amount. Some shop
administrators use this to create a sense of urgency on the
part of the customer. Other shop administrators prefer to keep
their inventory counts hidden.

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