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Inventory Control > Edit Item > Item Images

Item Images are the images associated with an item. You are
able to have multiple images, and you can create thumbnails (smaller images) for
customers to see your item description better. Thumbnails also can be used for
better browsing of items. Options for thumbnails are found on the ‘General
Settings’ page.


Image URL 

You are able to associate an image with an item by loading it from your website.
Load an image to a unique page anywhere on your website (ex. and input that image URL into this field. This
will load the image to the shopping cart.

Or Image File Location: 

To load an image that is on your hard drive, click ‘Browse’, find the file, and
click open. When you click ‘Add Image’ below, you will upload the the image.

Resize Image to Pixel Width of:
If you would like to resize your image, you are able to do so here. This
is not a required field. Choose the pixel width, and the shopping cart will
resize the image keeping the same proportion.

Create Thumbnail with Pixel width 

To create a thumbanil:
1.  Select the image you would like to use. 
2.  Enter the pixel width you would like for your thumbnail.  This
pixel width needs to be less than the pixel width of the actual image. 
3.  Click add image.

Thumbnails are smaller versions of the image.
Using the thumbnail allows you to have a smaller version of the image for when
customers search for an item.

The shopping cart has differnt thumbnail
settings.  To edit these settings: Manage > General Settings > Thumbnail

If you are looking to create thumbnails for multiple items that
already have an image or have been imported, there is a way to create multiple
thumbnails all at once. Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Main > ‘Create
Thumbnail Multiple Items’

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