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Add item

Inventory Control > Add Item

This page allows you to add a new item. Using this page you will be able to add
an item’s name, description, price, category. If you have not created any
categories yet, you are able to do so at: 
Manage > Categories > Add

For example if you wanted to create a new item for your book
store, you would first want to create a subcategory of your main category. You
would navigate to the ‘Add Category’ page and create a subcategory called
Biographies. Then you would navigate to the ‘Add Item’ page to create your item
called Abe Lincoln’s Biography, with a description ‘a great book on Abe’s life’,
a price of $10, and the category Biographies. 

The other way you can add
items to the shop is through the import/export function, which would allow you
to add multiple items at once through a spreadsheet. (Imports/Exports > Import
Item Data).


Create the item name.


Enter the description of your product this field. The plain text / HTML option
will allow you to enter plain text or HTML code. The WYSIWYG editor give you the
option to edit the text in HTML format.

Actual Price in

This is the price the customer will see as the item price.

Normal Retail Price

This is the price the customer sees next to the actual price if the ‘Display
Regular Pricing & Sale Price’ is set to ‘Both’ under General Settings > Misc.

Display Product in Cart

If set to ‘No’, this item is 
– Not searchable
– Not in the item’s
– Available if people have the link
– Available if the link shows
up in search engine
– Available if the item html shows up elsewhere on the

If option is set to ‘Yes, this item is available throughout the
shopping cart software.


Enter the product dimensions you would use for
shipping the product. Typically you would use the box dimensions for shipping
that particular product

Category Selection
Select the category(ies) you would like to associate with your item.  Categories
are helpful for the customer to locate your items. 

Google Product Search Values
For help on Google
product search:

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