Shipping Options for an Individual Item

Shipping Options (Item)

Inventory Control > Edit Item > Shipping

are other shipping options for all of your items under Manage > Shipping. 
This section is separate but related to that section as it allows you to set
different shipping options for individual items.

If you want a standard way of shipping most of your items, but you have a few
items which need to have different shipping dimensions, you are able to edit
those individual item dimensions here.  (Product dimension are used with
the "Base + Calculate Rate" option found on the main shipping options page).   

If you would like to charge shipping for most of you items, but have a few items
you would not like to charge shipping for, you are able to edit  those
individual items under these options.



This shipping value is only used if you have
specified the "Base + Rate Specified by Items" in the Manage shipping section. 
This allows you to charge different shipping prices for different items.


The weight needs to be specified in pounds. For example,
1 ounce = .0625 lbs.
2 ounces = .125 lbs.
1/2 pounds = .5 lbs.

Product Dimensions 

Enter the product dimensions you would use for shipping the
product. Typically you would use the box dimensions for shipping that particular

Charge Shipping Option

If you would like to charge shipping for this item, click ‘Yes’.

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