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Inventory Control > Edit Item > View Suggested
Items Selection

Suggested Items Section 

Suggesting Items to your customers is a great way to let
your customers know about other products that they may be
interested in. An example would be if you had an item like a
pair of shorts, you could recommend the matching t-shirt. Your
sales for the matching t-shirt are likely to increase.

To begin, click the ‘View Suggested Items Section’ to
suggest items to your customers which will be seen on the
/shop/cart.php and/or on the item page itself. You can suggest
items manually by product ID, or you can add them by searching
by category. The best way is usually to find the category
containing the product you would like to select, and then
click ‘Show Items In this Category.’ You would then click on
the item desired. To suggest more than one item, repeat this
process, and then when finished click ‘Update Item Data’.

HTML to Display on
Cart Page When This Item is Purchased

This is the
text or HTML that the customer will see on the cart page after
adding this item to cart. Example: Thank you for purchasing
this book.

Item IDs

The Item IDs field allows you to manually
suggest items through the ‘View Suggested Item Ids’. *
Suggested Ids should be comma separated like 1,3,25,100 
Typically this field is used for viewing purposes only, as it
is usually easier to add items through the ‘Show Items In This
Category’ button below.

Item Names 
The ‘Item Names’ field is for viewing purposes only. You will
see this updated automatically if you add the items via the
‘Show Items In This Category’. If you enter the items manually
under the Item IDs field, this field will not be updated until
you click ‘Update Item Data’ below.

Item Suggestion
Items listed here will appear on the cart
page after a shopper adds this item to their cart. To create a
suggested items list, select a category from the dropdown,
then click the "Show Items In This Category" button. Then
click the links of the items you wish to suggest. The item IDs
of the clicked items will automatically appear in the
suggestion list text box.

You have the option to select
where the suggested items are seen:
– Just the cart.php
– Both the item details page and cart.php page

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