Sell Downloadable Items

How to use the Shopping Cart to sell downloadable items.

Get a shopping cart that makes it easy to upload and sell downloadable items like:

  • MP3 files
  • Zip files
  • eBooks
  • embroidery patterns
  • PDFs
  • and more . . .

Simply create and upload the item from the shop control panel, and the items are immediately available for sale. 
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Benefits to selling Downloadable Items with Precision Web’s Cart:

1.  Sell Downloadable Items Securely

  • Choose the amount of days for Download
  • Protect Access to Items with Password Protection
  • Cart hides File’s location on the server is hidden from the customer
  • After purchase, the customer receives the download item in a secure location.

2.  Great for selling MP3 files, e-books, PDF files, images, zip files, and more.

3.  Save on shipping costs vs. standard items.

4.  Sell unique items you can’t sell with standard feature carts

5.  Make more money by selling a higher quantity of products.

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