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Learn from the experts how to become successful in the eCommerce industry. Conversion rates, Google Adwords, SEO, these are all important things.

Site Popularity and Links
To increase your site popularity ranking with the search engines,
submit your site at the two links sites that we maintain for our customers:


The password is in your web site settings email near the bottom of the email.

Website Sitemap
Included with your hosting account is free weekly sitemap.xml generation and submission to,,, and In order to activate this feature, email us at

You should have an account with Google so that you can use their webmaster tools. You can sign up at

Google recommends: “.. initially submitting your Sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools. This will ensure that your Sitemap details are readily
viewable on the first tab of the Sitemaps page in Webmaster Tools. In addition to Webmaster Tools, you can also submit (and resubmit) your Sitemap
using the following methods:
Sending a HTTP request to Google Including your Sitemap location in your robots.txt file “

If you update an item in the shop, make sure to occasionally select to select the 3 options
“Also update URL List ” “Google Product Search” “Sitemap page” when clicking the update button.
From your shopping cart control panel under the Import / Export menu, export
your items in the “Google Product Search” format.

Google Product Search Data Feed
A great way to increase visibility on the Google search engine is to set up a Google Product Search data feed. It’s now a paid service from Google.
The steps to set it up are:
1. On your item pages, fill in the Brand, Condition, and Product Type fields for your Products. For more information on specifying your “Product Type” click here
2. In the shopping cart, on the “Google Product Search” export page, make sure all your categories are selected, then click the “Export & Save to Site” button. That will create a product listing within your shop.
3. From the google page at click the “Start A Data Feed” button. (You will not need to start a new data feed each time). That will take you to the New data feed page.
4. On that New Data Feed page type in your data feed name ( We suggest googleproductfeed.txt ), and then click the Save Changes button.
5. Now you will be at their “Data feeds” page which will list your feed(s). Under the “Upload schedule” column click the “Create” link (This is easier than the manual upload or FTP methods). That will pop up a small window where you can specify the frequency and url of your feed. We suggest a weekly frequency. In the url field paste in the following url:
To save the information you just input click the “Schedule” button.
6. Now as you save an item you will want to occasionally select the option to update your Google Product Search feed. Or come to this page after a large number of updates and resave your feed file to the site.

Website Submission

Submit to directories like,, and, as that drives some traffic to your site, and more importantly will increase your page rank in Google.

Submit it to the search engines using automatic submission software.

Browse to a category on Yahoo, click on the suggest a site link at the bottom of the category page, follow the instructions using the paid submission feature for Yahoo. With Yahoo, a good strategy is to have a company name that contains the keywords you are targeting.

Also, the paid submission for is also normally worth it.

Paid Listings
Sign up for a ‘pay for position’ search engine like paid listings and and target as many relevant keywords and keyword phrases as possible.

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