Add Cart to Existing Website

Step 1: Order Shopping Cart Hosted Plan

This plan allows you to add the cart to your existing Site that is hosted by another company.
Your URL: Shop URL:

Step 2: Import Look from Current Website

Watch a Video on how to complete Import. If you’re unfamiliar with HTML, contact our Support Team for assitance.

Step 3: Connect Website with Shopping Cart

Link to an item, category, or Main Shop URL. Alternatively, take Add to Cart HTML and add it to your site.
SEO video

Step 4: Choose Setting & Load Your Inventory

Select your Settings such as Shipping & Tax SettingsAdd items and categories to the Shopping Cart Admin. Panel.

Step 5: Accept Credit Cards

Select a Merchant Service to process transactions PayPal Logo

Step 6: PayPal / Google

Or use PayPal / Google Wallet to process transaction.

Step 7: Store Promotion

Promote your store through sites like and Amazon
Build a Customer Base
Use Amazon and Ebay to drive traffic to your website.
Advertise Your Website
All Hosting Plans Come With FREE SSL certificate (256-bit Shared)

Step 8: Take Orders

When a customer orders, you will receive a notification and will then be able to log into your shopping cart control panel for more options.