Starting an Ecommerce Site

Step 1: Design Your Store

Options include:
– Choose a Template with our Sitebuilder
– Add the Cart to any Design / Website
– Hire a Professional to Design your Site

Step 2: Load Your Inventory

Add items and categories to the Shopping Cart Admin. Panel.

Step 3: Select Settings

Select your Settings such as Shipping & Tax Settings

Step 4: Provide Trust

Give your customers confidence in your site and shopping cart using affiliations with links to organizations like and

Step 5: Accept Credit Cards

Select a Merchant Service to process transactions

2PayPal Logo

Step 6: PayPal / Google

Or use PayPal / Google Wallet to process transaction.

Step 7: Store Promotion

Promote your store through sites like and Amazon

Use your follow-up emails, and package inserts with the product to let them know about your site.

Use Amazon and Ebay to drive traffic to your website.

All Hosting Plans Come With FREE SSL certificate (256-bit Shared)

Step 8: Take Orders

When a customer orders, you will receive a notification and will then be able to log into your shopping cart control panel for more options.