Alternative Shipping Options

You may wish to choose to give your customers additional
shipping options. If, for instance, you use ‘Base + fixed amount per item’ as
your shipping option you may wish to add an alternate shipping option for
‘Priority Service’ which costs an additional $10.00 per order. Or, you may have
your shipping options based on national service and you know you have occasional
international customers. You may add an alternate shipping options that includes
a markup for packages shipped out of the country.

There are 2 fields in this section:

Define Options is where you will add, delete or edit your different options.

Alternative shipping default text is the text which appears at the top of the
drop-down menu.

The screen capture to the right shows the ‘Edit’ or ‘Add’
screen to setup each option. As you can see, there are 3 fields: ‘Option Name’
where you enter the shipping option, like ‘International Orders’ or ‘Next Day
Delivery’. You next choose from the drop down menu if the Option price is Added
to the previous shipping total, if it Overrides (replaces) the previous shipping
total, or if it subtracts. The final field is the amount to change. In this
example, we have decided that Next Day Air orders get a flat markup of $15. You
can see how it adds this amount in the image of the check-out screen provided to
the right.

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