Checkout Type

Checkout Type

This is where you will dictate 3 things: 1st, whether your customers will
create an shopping ‘account’ with your online store which is accessed with their
email addresses and passwords they create themselves; 2nd, whether your shop
will interface with one of the
7 real-time credit card gateways
our shop interfaces with; and 3rd, if your
customers can have purchases sent to addresses other than their billing

For a shop using the "No account setup on checkout. " Format ,
on a reorder at a later date by a customer who had previously ordered , the
shopper would still need to enter in their address information again (image to
the right). If you choose to have your customers create accounts, all billing
and shipping addresses are saved and the customers must only enter their email
addresses and passwords to check out. If you have many return customers, having
them create their own accounts may be convenient and helpful. If many of your
customers are one-time customers, there is probably no need to have accounts

Click here to see how these choices affect your

Next you will find a drop down menu that allows you to choose
which merchant gateway you will interface the shop with
(for real-time credit card processing)
or if you will have the information
stored securely with the ‘Secure Checkout’. Everyone who wishes to accept
payment by credit card will need a way to process the cards, be it in real-time
through a gateway, or with a traditional terminal utilizing the ‘Secure

(click here for larger image)

If you choose ‘Secure Checkout’ (which stores the complete order with credit
card information securely in the ‘View Pending Orders’ section of your shop
owner’s panel) you will not need to fill any other fields and you may move on.

If you choose to utilize any of the real-time checkout options, you will need
to sign up for an account
(click here to learn how)

If you have an account
Click here
to learn about the simple setup.

If you have the VeriSign PayFlow system,
Click Here
to learn about the simple setup.

If you have the CardService Int’l Basic LinkPoint system,
Click Here
to learn about the simple setup.


If you are using PayPal,
Click Here
to learn about the simple setup.

If you use the Echo Online, Ion Gate, WorldPay Jr. or Transact Secure
solution, simply choose the appropriate Type from the drop down menu and enter
your Username from their company in the ‘Credit Card System Username/ID’ field.
That is all there is to it; the other fields do not apply to you.

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