Custom HTML Options

Custom HTML Options
This section of the
general settings allows you to customize the HTML on your
shopping cart pages.

Manage > General Settings


(click here for larger

Custom HTML Headers & Footers

The HTML header is the HTML above the shopping cart html.

The HTML footer is the HTML below the shopping cart html.

The best way to edit the look of the shopping cart is to use
the Shop
.  The other links  allow you
to further customize the HTML of Headers & Footers for the
following pages:

  • Login
  • Billing Information / Address Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Offline Page
  • Gift Certificate HTML Emails
  • Confirmation Page HTML Fields
  • Request Shipping Quote HTML Fields

To edit HTML on category pages navigate to: Manage
Categories > Edit Category HTML / Title


You also have the ability to edit the text of different
fields throughout the shopping cart.  To edit the text,
find the appropriate page level of the text, find the field,
and then edit the text.


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