Setting Discounts

Setting Discounts
This section allows you to customize
discounts for your shop.  This is seperate from Coupon & Promo Codes.  

Manage > Discount Options

discounts are a tier system.  Starting with 0, you can apply discounts
between certain amounts or quantities.  The last discount will have an
upper limit value of "999999999".

You may wish to entice customers to BUY by offering volume discounts. You
will see the following discount options in our Shopping Cart:

(a) None Do not provide discounts.
(b) Numeric Discount Based On Dollar Amount Provide dollar amount discounts on the total value of purchases.
(c) Numeric Discount Based On Quantity Provide dollar amount discounts based on total items ordered.
(d) Percentage Discount based on Dollar Amount Provide discounts based on a percentage of the total value of purchase.
(e) Percentage Discount based on Quantity Provide discounts based on a percentage of the items ordered.

As an example:
If you wanted customes to save $1 for
purchases between $10 and $50, follow these steps:
1.  Select ‘Numeric
Discount Based On Dollar Amount. 
2.  Specify the discount between
$0 and $10.  The ending value would be 10, and the discount amount would be
0.  You would probably use a discount amount of ‘0’.   
3.  You then could input the ending value of 50, and the discount of 1 (for
4.  You could then enter other discounts for orders more than $50 if you

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