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Shop Template
This section of the general settings allows
you to integrate your web design with the shopping cat software.Manage >
General Settings >

Click here to import / edit shop template (used on item pages and cart page)

Shop Import Template Video

(click here to Watch Instructional

To create a template for your shopping cart to use you can either:

1. Create the page directly in the WSWYG editor.

2. Switch to HTML View by selecting “Edit template in plain text / HTML” and
then type or paste in the HTML

3. Or, the easiest way would be to use the import feature to import a page to
use as a template. 
– To use the import feature, you would type or paste a url into the “Import web
page to use as template” field. The web address/url would be the location of the
page that you’d like to use as a template in the shopping cart. 
– Once you have the url in that field, click the “Import Page / Template”
button. That will import the page and will attempt to change all the relative
image urls, css urls, etc. to fully specified urls. 
– After the page is imported select and delete any unwanted items 
– Copy and then remove the [displayshopitemshere] placeholder from the top of
your template field, and then type or paste it into the location on your page
where you’d like the shop information to appear (generally in the center portion
of your page).

Some of the shortcuts that you may want to place
within your shop template are:

[displayshopitemshere] – Display Shop items

##view cart## 
– Displays the
View Cart link.
##search form## 
Displays the Search Form.
##current total## 
Displays the current order total. 
##category links## 
Displays the category links.
##include external file
– Include data from
external file.
##some text##affiliateid## 
Displays the shoppers affiliate ID (if any).

If you already have a logo within your shop template then you will not want to
upload a logo image from the General Settings page.

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