Link & Button Display Options

Link & Button Display Options
This section of the general settings allows you to modify how
your links & buttons display.

Manage > General

Shop Control Panel  


Link Options

The shopping cart has a number of links that are
customizable.  These links appear toward the upper
right part of the screen and are separated by bars. 

Display ‘View Shopping Cart’ Link

View the ‘Shopping Cart link’
that appears on pages.

‘Home’ Link

Choose whether to display the
‘Home’ link that and also choose the URL for the Home link. 
The default for the home link

Display Account
Login Link in Shop
display the  ‘Login’ link in shop, select ‘Yes’ under
this option.  For this option to work, you must be
using Account Type Checkout. To change your checkout type
navigate to: Manage > Checkout type / Payment Options Then
change the Checkout format to ‘Customer sets up account on


Show Paging on Top of the Cart

If you have a
category with multiple items, the this options allows you to
show or hide the page numbers for being displayed on top of
the cart pages.


Continue Shopping Button

Display Continue Shopping Button

The ‘Continue Shopping’ Button
is a button that is designed to help customers navigate your
shopping cart.

You are able to select whether it appears on the Cart,
Checkout, and Confirmation pages.

‘Continue Shopping’ Button URL

If this is not filled in, it
will default to shop main entrance.

Error redirector URL

This is the absolute url (eg
http://sitename/a.html) used to redirect in case of any

Continue URL on the Finished Secure

The absolute url (eg where
the user will be directed by clicking continue shopping in
the finished secure page

Make Continue Button a History Button

This option affects the cart
page and is a helpful feature to have enabled.  After a
customer places an item in their cart, they will be taken to
the cart page.  If the ‘Continue button’ is a history
button, it will take them back to the page where they added
an item to cart (item or category pages). 

If the ‘Continue button’ is not a history button, the button
will default to shop main entrance.


Add to Cart Button

Use Image as the
Add to Cart Button: 
You can customize your
‘Add to Cart’ button by using an image.  

Add to Cart Image URL:

Enter the image url (Use
http://….) or alternatively specify an image name that
will be searched from the images dir

To find the
image url follow these steps:

  1. In your browser, browse to a page on your website
    that shows the image you want.
  2. Right click on the Image and select "Properties".
  3. Select the image url text from the popup by
    selecting it with your mouse. Then copy that selected
    url with <Control> C.
  4. On the newsletter page click the image insert icon.
  5. Click in the image url field, then paste the copied
    URL using <Control> V.
  6. Click the insert button on the popup.

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