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IMPORTANT NOTE: none of the below information is Legal Advise. It is your responsibility to review any applicable Federal and/or state law regarding the selling and shipping of product. The information below is for the sole purpose of explanation of how the shopping cart software can be utilized.


This section looks like this:

As you can see, there are 4 separate options:

1. If you are not charging any taxes, choose None

2. If you wish that any taxes you set up in the Edit Location to be based on the address you are Shipping your products to, then choose Shipping.

3. If you wish that any taxes you set up in the Edit Location to be based on the billing address of person ordering, then choose Billing.

4. If you wish to charge taxes on any orders having either their origin or destination in a location where you charge tax, choose Either Shipping or Billing.

AN EXAMPLE: It seems most online business tax on the Shipping address. So, if your business is located in California and you fulfill and order and it ship it to a California address, and you wanted to charge tax, you would choose Shipping.

The other option that some use is ‘Either Shipping or Billing’. In this example, let’s assume your business is based in Florida and you have setup the appropriate tax rate Edit Location. You receive an order from a customer in Miami, FL who is sending the product to a grandson in Atlanta, GA. If you have chosen ‘Either Shipping or Billing’ then the customer would be charged tax. Similarly, if the grandson in Atlanta, GA turns around and purchases a present for his grandmother in Miami, FL, he would be charged tax as well.

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