How to connect the shop with the sitebuilder pages you will create.

How to connect the shop with the sitebuilder pages you will create.

The steps for connecting/integrating your site to the shopping cart are:

1. Log into your sitebuilder account and create your home page to add content to it and let your customers know about your site and why they should be there. When you make a change to your site, go to the Publish tab and republish the updated pages to your site.  Your sitebuilder "site titles" should incorporate the main keywords that you’d like to show for in the search engines.

2. Create other pages like the About Us, Contact Us, and other pages with titles that relate to what you sell. Your page file names should incorporate keywords that you want to be found under. For example, if you sell gourmet gift baskets, then a good page name for your "About Us" page would be about-gourmet-gift-baskets.htm     We do not recommend a generic page name like about.htm

3. Connecting your sitebuilder site to the shopping cart:

Watch a video:
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The best way to do this is to create an "External Page" and set that external page to link to the /shop  url on your site.
The steps to do this are:
a. Click the "Pages" menu option in the sitebuilder.
b. Then under "Special Pages" select "External Page"  and click the right arrow button. That will create the external page.
c. Now double-click on the "External Page" page name to edit it. Once the edit text box opens up, type in the new page name there. Following our example above, you could name it something like "Shop Gourmet Gift Baskets".
d. Click the "Edit" button from the main menu. Once on that page select your External Page to the left and set the url for it.

To see steps a-d see the 2 screenshots below.

4. Now that you have linked to the shop as external page, you will want to import one of your pages into the shop to sue as a template. This will make the online catalog part of your site look the same as your sitebuilder pages.

Click here to view the video on how to do this.

An example of a shop using the custom template is at    
The best time to do this is after you’ve created all the pages that you want on your site; in that way the shop header has the links to all your pages. 

5. Now, separately,  from the shopping cart control panel at your  /shop/owner area
, you will need to log in and create the categories, and the items that you want to have for sale.

In steps 3-4 above we talked about using the "External page" option in the sitebuilder to get your site’s visitors the shopping cart. As an extension of this method you can also link to categories of items within the shop. You can see what the links to the categories should be from the shop/owner Inventory page. 

Another option for linking to the shop is explained below under the Option 2 heading

Option 2: On a page or pages within your sitebuilder account, put a link to your shopping cart at  /shop or add links from your other pages in order to link directly to a category of items or an individual item:

We have the additional help information on linking to the shopping cart at:


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