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Managing Inventory Options in your Shopping Cart  

Click on a links below to find instructions for each specific sections.

 Add Item  Inventory Count Control
 Add Gift Certificate  Create Thumbnail Multiple Items
 Add Downloadable Item  Multiple Item Delete
 Add "Fill-In" Price Item  View Unique Item Counts
 Edit Item
Inventory Main Page
The main Inventory Control allows you to perform a number of functions relating to the items in your inventory

Inventory > Inventory Main 
View your items by category 
To narrow you item choices by category, use this function to view the different items

Search Inventory by:
You are able to search the inventory by:
– Name
– Brand
– SKU (part #)
– Description
– Display Product in Cart (search based on whether a product is displayed in the cart or not)
– Out of Stock items

Edit Item
This is one of the more important links found in the shopping cart.   You’ll be able to edit what your item’s name, description, image, etc.

Copy Item
To copy an item, select ‘Copy’, and the item will be immediately copied.  The screen that you are brought to is the copied item, which you can edit and alter from the original item.

Delete Item
Deleting an Item will ask for confirmation, and then you will be able to select and delete the item.

Up/Down Options
These options allow you to change the order that the items appear to customers in the shop.  You also have the ability to move the item to the top through the "Move to 1st" option.

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